“Right Mate, Let’s Get On With It” FREE for the next 5 days

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Athol Whimp’s death. He was one of the men I’ve most admired, and in his honor, I’ve made my eStory Right Mate, Let’s Get On With It FREE for the next five days.

Right Mate, Let's Get On With It

Right Mate, Let’s Get On With It explores the outrageous accomplishments and inner workings of one of the most powerful rope teams in mountaineering history – the partnership of Australian Andrew Lindblade and Kiwi Athol Whimp. Together, they climbed some of the most difficult, dangerous, and beautiful mountains in the world — among them Jannu and Thalay Sagar, vertiginous Himalayan summits that make Mount Everest look like a bump.

Tragically, Athol Whimp died in a fall in the mountains of New Zealand in early 2012. Right Mate, Let’s Get On With It was originally published in the June, 2004 issue of Climbing (No. 321). I’ve updated and eReleased the story in Athol’s honor with Andrew Lindblade’s cooperation and nineteen of his best photos.

Here’s a story about Athol by Alison Osius on Rock & Ice’s website



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