The Bonanza King: Endnotes and raw research

Click the link below to open THE BONANZA KING’s endnotes as a PDF file:


RAW MATERIAL: I’m a big believer in transparency of argument. I want you to have the opportunity to review my thought process. To that end, here is access to the raw material from which I built THE BONANZA KING.  I also hope this aids other Comstock historians, because I certainly haven’t exhausted the vein, and this should be an excellent resource. I use the program Evernote as my digital organizer, but you DO NOT need to have it downloaded and installed to read what I’ve linked to below. I use a naming convention that organizes each individual “note” into its proper place in chronological order. Because history is lived like life, on the arrow of time. You can only know what you know when you know it.

A few tips:

  • If the notes in each folder don’t display in chronological order, use the “View Options” menu at the bottom to organize the list according to “Title (ascending).”
  • Many—but not all—of the notes link to the original. There is a “Tools” button near the upper right corner of each note. Clicking “tools” should reveal a URL address (if it isn’t already visible). Clicking the address should take you to the original source.
  • Naming convention: “1863 04 01 DAC—Greg’s Birthday” is April 1, 1863 from the Daily Alta California, from an article titled “Greg’s Birthday.” DAC = Daily Alta California, SDU = Sacramento Daily Union, NYT = New York Times, MDA = Marysville Daily Appeal, TE = Territorial Enterprise, MSP = Mining & Scientific Press, etc.

So here it is, the raw material, organized into Evernote folders:


Please let me know if this works for you, and if you have any ideas about how I might improve it. Enjoy!