Make ’em like they used to? They don’t even draw ’em like they used to.

Check out this gorgeous commemorative card added to the collection of the San Francisco Aviation Museum & Library by Craig and Carol Chinn in honor of Craig’s father, Harold Chinn. (Who I had the pleasure of interviewing while I was writing China’s Wings.)

CNAC survey flight copy

The Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum is in the international terminal of San Francisco International Airport, and it’s  worth a visit when you’re passing through the airport.



  1. Hi Gregory
    This is just a beautiful map/postcard, Would you mind if I shared this on TBS facebook?
    Can you tell me more about the year the inaugural flight took place?
    Regards Rurik

    1. I’d be delighted if you’d share it, of course! (Especially if you include a link guiding people back to my website, but even without that, feel free.) That goes for anything else on my site. If I’ve posted it, my hope is that it’ll be shared.

      As for the year, I’m not exactly sure. Definitely post-war. My guess would be ’47 or ’48. I’ll ask Craig Chinn if he knows for certain. Perhaps say, “probably 1947 or 1948”?

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