Articles: links to some stories I’ve written

“The Peaks of Persia,” The Atlantic, April 2012. About the climbing exchange between the American Alpine Club and the Alpine Club of Iran. And here’s an interview Abbas Sabetian and I did about the exchange with NPR’s Robin Young for “Here and Now”: US and Iranian Climbers Practice Mountain Diplomacy.

Depth Chargers“, National Geographic, April, 2003. Caving in the Sultanate of Oman. Here’s a link to some fun field notes from the trip.

“Stone Cold Ascent”, National Geographic, March, 2000. A winter ascent of Cerro Torre’s West Face in Patagonia.

Wind Madness: Cerro Torre’s Epic Hall of Fame,” Climbing, No. 224, February 2005.

The Warriors’ Walls,” Climbing, November 2012. has several of my old articles posted: The Ever-Changing Sky, From Rock to Mountains: The Alpine Transformation, The North Face of Aguja Poincenot, and Wasting Time (my favorite of these four).

My review of Loteria Film’s documentary “Monumental: David Brower’s Fight for Wild America,” which appeared in the October 2004 issue of Mother Jones.

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