Route Finding

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[amazon asin=1560448202&text=Route Finding: Navigating With Map and Compass ($6.26 on Amazon)]

To venture away from the security of known roads and trails requires the ability to find your own way without the help of road signs and trail markers. In [amazon asin=1560448202&text=Route Finding], veteran explorer and climber Gregory Crouch deftly guides you through the fundamental skills of land navigation, including terrain association, dead reckoning, off- and on-trail travel, map reading, using a compass, and even Global Positioning System basics. A valuable book for hikers, backpackers, climbers, hunters, anglers, and mountain bikers, Route Finding contains helpful and practical information on locating your position at all times and in all conditions. Filled with detailed instructions and descriptive illustrations, Route Finding is as packable as a compass and informative enough to take you into the wilderness and home again.


    1. Thanks, Leesl! I hope the scouts find it useful. One day, we’ll have to put ’em through a real land nav course. Wouldn’t that be a kick?

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