The Bonanza King Photos, Maps & Mine Diagrams

Many photos, maps, and mine diagrams enhanced my appreciation and understanding of Virginia City, the Comstock Lode, Nevada, California, San Francisco, New York, and the West in the nineteenth century. Here are some of the most enjoyable and helpful. I’ll add links to photos beneath the maps.

1870 Atlas at (Atlas Accompanying Volume III on Mining Industry, USGS Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel): An excellent resource of 20 “plates” showing horizontal, longitudinal, and cross sectional views of the Comstock Lode current to about 1869.

Becker Atlas (1882) in the David Rumsey Map Collection (Atlas to accompany the monograph on the geology of the Comstock Lode and Washoe District): Also excellent. “Plates” showing the various Comstock mines. Navigation is awkward, but rewards the persistent. “The Big Bonanza” in the Con. Virginia and California mines is on this map. With careful study, you can follow the discovery and development of the ore body from the “1167” foot level drift in the upper left. Other maps show the workings of the other Comstock mines and the relative position of the ore bodies.

Comstock Lode, Virginia City and Gold Hill maps:

Maps and other material about New York, California, Nevada, and San Francisco:

Links to good photos and explanatory drawings: