Living Philosophy—Gregory Crouch” Podcast, a conversation about history, writing, adventure, and the importance of time with host Dr. Todd Mei, late of the University of Kent.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Exploration in Old Mining Districts: The Segregated Belcher, Gold Hill, Nevada” a virtual presentation for the Geological Society of Nevada that I gave with geologist Kiersten Briggs, which explains some of the work I’ve been doing as the world’s only “historical mining consultant” for Tonogold Resources. Tonogold believes there’s modern value in the Comstock Lode in the low-grade rock that John Mackay and the other 19th century miners left behind as waste, and I’ve been conducting a granular “comb through” of old mining records to identify where might be the most high-probability areas to hit with modern drill testing.

Frankenplanes” in the February 2021 issue of Smithsonian’s Air & Space gave top billing to CNAC’s DC-2 1/2 and clearly sourced CHINA’S WINGS.

The Pan Am Historical Foundation reviewed CHINA’S WINGS in “Books Overlooked” on December 8, 2020. “Warrents a read by a much broader audience than it received following its 2012 release;” “captures these men at their highest and lowest moments, during success and tragedy, always foregrounding their humanity;” “the prose is engaging: a thankful respite from the turgid writing found too often in history books;” “Once read, China’s Wings will be reread; and, undoubtedly, many readers will search for copies to give friends and family. Yes…China’s Wings is that good.”

China’s Wings featured repeatedly in Eric H. Hobson’s “Mission to China,” an excellent four-part summary of Harold M. Bixby’s legendary career as an aviation executive, published by the Pan Am Historical Foundation.

Spears Magazine reviewed THE BONANZA KING on July 15, 2019. “Few people will have heard of John Mackay, and yet his story is every bit as fascinating as those of the first Astor or Vanderbilt” and “Crouch writes lucidly about the technicalities of mining operations, and his accounts of underground fires are vivid and frightful.”

Palisade Radio interviews me about THE BONANZA KING:

CHINA’S WINGS mentioned and me quoted in “75 Years After D-Day, Planes Fly Off for “Never Seen Before” Reenactment,” the New York Times, May 19,2019

THE BONANZA KING reviewed by Founders Space. “…can teach entrepreneurs more about business than most business books… a dazzling tour de force, a riveting history of Virginia City, Nevada, the Comstock Lode, and America itself.”

Author Gregory Crouch,” my Q & A with Johnny D. Boggs at HistoryNet and in Wild West Magazine, June 2019.

“Bloodbath at Pyramid Lake,” excerpt from THE BONANZA KING published in Wild West Magazine, June 2019.

Wild West Magazine review of THE BONANZA KING in their February 2019 issue: “The author’s strong, lucid prose brings the Comstock itself to vibrant life, as he details the gritty and often dangerous world of mining—above and below ground.”

Nevada’s Bonanza King,” podcast of a radio interview I did with Joe Schoenmann of Nevada Public Radio on November 29, 2018. Listen to the interview on the audio player below:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The Historical Novel Society reviewed THE BONANZA KING: “A great book, and a fact-filled fascinating tale.”

Review of THE BONANZA KING in the Denver Post by Sandra Dallas, August 26, 2018.

The Bonanza King captures Mackay,” the Nevada Appeal review of THE BONANZA KING by John Barrette. “In reading “The Bonanza King” — a biography of rags-to-riches mining mogul John Mackay — you’re reminded good fortune and bad can cut through life like a two-edged sword.

Why we need government to safeguard against the new robber barons,” the Washington Post, July 31, 2018, my op-ed for “Made by History” about what John Mackay’s “Cable War” with Jay Gould can teach us about the modern media landscape.

THE BONANZA KING on C-SPAN, July 28, 2018.

THE BONANZA KING in the New Yorker, July 23, 2018.

True Tales,” Luka Starmer on THE BONANZA KING for the Reno News & Review. “Crouch’s enthusiasm about the era is contagious. He paints a vivid picture of our slice of the Old West.”

Gregory Crouch and THE BONANZA KING,” my interview with Nik Hawks for his PaleoTreats podcast.

From Mark Twain’s connection to John Mackay all the way to how the Civil War was affected by gold mining in Nevada, and from the development of San Francisco to the laying down of our modern lines of communications, Greg paints an incredible picture of an absolutely remarkable story. Whether you like rags to riches, stories of hard work, engineering ingenuity, or just reading about a rippingly interesting slice of history, The Bonanza King is as good as you’ll get.”

Rough Drafts,” by Stuart Rosebrook for True West magazine. “Historian-adventurer Crouch deftly brings to life the amazing story of Irish immigrant John Mackay and his rise from poverty to billionaire.”

My interview about THE BONANZA KING for The New Books Network, in their “New Books in the American West” series, hosted by Stephen Hausmann. “Fascinating … Mackay and Virginia City together encapsulate how the mineral economy of the Great Basin could create and destroy seemingly on a whim, and THE BONANZA KING is a rollicking retelling of how the man and the place were inseparably linked during the heady days of the Gilded Age West.”

Story of Nevada’s Comstock baron released,” Nevada Magazine, July/August 2018. “. . . the culmination of a lifetime of research about Mackay, but also tells about the struggle and color of daily life in the West.”

The richest Irishman who ever lived — have you ever heard his name?” about John Mackay and THE BONANZA KING in IrishCentral, July 12, 2018. In Virginia City the mansion where Mackay lived is perfectly preserved—like his memory in this book. Buy it.”

The Electric Review reviewed THE BONANZA KING on July 11, 2018: “Readers will find Crouch’s work both detailed and evocative – the ultimate reportage of a time that’s largely been forgotten by so many younger Americans.”

In 2118, Will Mark Zuckerberg Be Remembered? Heard of John Mackay?” My Q & A with John Greathouse for Forbes, July 10, 2018. “Few modern-day entrepreneurs know the story of John Mackay, a man who amassed a fortune comparable to Mr. Zuckerberg’s. Gregory Crouch’s newly released book, THE BONANZA KING, tells this forgotten entrepreneur’s compelling story.”

Goleta Author Explores the Life of “Bonanza King” John Mackay” by Brian Tanguay, Santa Barbara Independent, July 10, 2018. “Crouch tells a compelling, multifaceted story rich in detail, texture, and history . . . THE BONANZA KING is a wonderful contribution to our understanding of the events and characters that reshaped a continent and a nation.”

Mike Slater of San Diego’s KFMB AM 760 interviewed me on July 9, 2018 for his “Biographer’s Corner” radio show about THE BONANZA KING—John Mackay. Listen here: 

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The Bonanza King Review: The Man Who Hit the Mother Lode,” by Patrick Cooke for the Wall Street Journal reviewed THE BONANZA KING on July 7 & 8, 2018. “[A] monumentally researched biography . . . well-written and worthwhile.”

The Man Who Cornered the Comstock Lode,” Geoffrey Riley of NPR’s Jefferson Exchange interviewed me about THE BONANZA KING on July 3, 2018.

THE BONANZA KING: A podcast interview with the History Author Show, hosted by Dean Karayanis.

The Big Bonanza: the richest mineral discovery in American history,” an excerpt from THE BONANZA KING posted by, June 29, 2018. “Mackay and his partners . . . did something “hitherto unknown” in Comstock history—they threw the Con. Virginia open to inspection by anybody willing to make the terrifying descent into the mine.”

Noozhawk on THE BONANZA KING, by Kimberley Collins, June 28, 2018. “Crouch . . . paints a striking picture of how one man’s hard work and ingenuity forever altered the West.”

Rags to Riches: Former Goleta resident tells the story of John Mackay and the Comstock Lode in new book,” by Brett Leigh Dicks for the Santa Barbara News Press, June 27, 2018.

The Bonanza King,” an excerpt from THE BONANZA KING in The American Scholar, June 25, 2018. (In which John Mackay tells us what he thinks of male members of the European aristocracy.)

Biography of an Inconspicuous Millionaire,” Jonah Raskin reviews THE BONANZA KING for the San Francisco Chronicle. “[Crouch has a] flair for marshaling facts and an ability to craft an epic tale. No one does a better job than Crouch when he explores the subject of mining, and no one does a better job than he when he describes the hardscrabble lives of miners.”

Gregory Crouch discusses THE BONANZA KING,” Denver’s 5280 Magazine makes my appearance at The Tattered Cover an “Editor’s Pick.”

Book—THE BONANZA KING,” Ted Simons of “Arizona Horizon” interviews me on live television for Arizona PBS.

An immigrant alters U.S.’s destiny,” Irish Echo, June 20, 2018, an interview with me about THE BONANZA KING, my writing process, and my favorite books and authors. “Both professionally and personally, the things that compel me the most blend history and adventure.”

Mark Twain’s Real Name: How Sam Clemens Picked a Pen Name,” an excerpt from THE BONANZA KING published by Time, June 18, 2018.

Buried Treasure: California author Gregory Crouch digs deep into Wild West history,” Alta, Journal of Alta California, June 18, 2018, by Beth Spotswood.

When Mining Camps were the Tech Incubators of the West,” by Gregory Crouch for The California Sun, June 18, 2018. (Scroll to the bottom)

The Mining Millionaire Americans Couldn’t Help but Love,” an excerpt from THE BONANZA KING published by Smithsonian Magazine.

Booklist on THE BONANZA KING—”a well-written and laudatory biography of a remarkable and admirable man.”

Publisher’s Weekly on THE BONANZA KING—”Crouch’s comprehensive narrative combines the history of Nevada’s bustling Comstock Mine with the tale of how penniless miner John Mackay became a famous multimillionaire. . . . a thorough tribute to the life and work of an honest man who earned his fortune and kept his good name in an era of fierce competition and astounding corruption.”

Kirkus on THE BONANZA KING—”. . . full of useful pointers on how to treat people and build an enduring legacy and fortune . . . Admirers of scrupulous entrepreneurship will find much of value in this book.”

Here’s a 3-minute video of me speaking about China’s Wings for ChinaFile.

Kirkus on CHINA’S WINGS—”dramatically rendered and obsessively researched.”

Kirkus on ENDURING PATAGONIA—”readers will be cheering this endearing lunk on, rapt. . . Authentic alpine rambles, joyful and not a little bit lunatic.”


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