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Thrilled to see Enduring Patagonia on this 10 best list

I’m delighted to see Enduring Patagonia on TheCultureTrip’s list of The Ten Best Books About Argentina and deeply honored to be on a list with Cortázar, Chatwin, Borges, Hernández, and Sábato. Continue reading

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Make America Great Again

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #SignOfTheApocalypse #WhereHaveAllTheGoodJobsGone? #WantABiscuit?  

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Santa scalped! A new extreme in the War on Christmas!!!

One of my neighbors seems to have taken this so-called War on Christmas to a new extreme… Continue reading

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Ever wonder about the human cost of WWII?

Need help visualizing the true cost of the Second World War? Here’s a simple and shocking video that illustrates the staggering number of people whose lives were cut short by that terrible war. Continue reading

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Alex Honnold’s Alone on the Wall, reviewed by Gregory Crouch

Alex Honnold is probably the most interesting climber active in the world today. Here’s “Free Spirit,” my review of Honnold’s new book Alone on the Wall (co-authored by David Roberts) in the November 28 & 29, 2015 edition of The … Continue reading

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I propose a new word: Apocalyst

Apocalyst. Definition: (n) The Thanksgiving shopping list.

Continue reading

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Fear the Catholics among you!

If you were a native-born American in the 1840s and 1850s, you quite likely thought the massive wave of Catholics immigrating into the United States was part of a vast Papal conspiracy to conquer and subdue American democracy. Continue reading

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The Decisive Weapon in the War on Terror

In light of the terrible events in Paris over the weekend, I hope that we don’t lose sight of that which will, I am sure, in the long run prove to be the decisive weapon in our war on terror–THE RULE OF LAW. Continue reading

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Patagonia in the New York Herald in 1848

“An almost unknown country, at the southern extremity of South America…” Or so said The New York Herald–in 1848! Continue reading

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Excellent CNAC video featuring Moon Chin, Pete Goutiere, and others

Excellent 20-minute CNAC video featuring four of the pilots I interviewed while writing China’s Wings–Moon Chin, Pete Goutiere, Fletcher Hanks, and Cedric Mah—with lots of excellent film footage and photographs from CNAC’s hump flying years, 1942-1945. Continue reading

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