Best Halloween costume ever, by my 13-year old son, Ryan

When my 13-year old son and I watched the  trailer for the movie Fury some weeks ago, he exclaimed, “It would be so awesome to go to Halloween dressed as a tank!”

I said, “You know, you could probably make that happen…”

He said, “Really?”

Here is the result of his efforts, an M4 Sherman Tank:

Halloween TankPretty fabulous, no? It was the hands down winner in his school costume contest. From what I could see, he had a swarm of kids following him around all day, because it was more than just a costume that he could wear, it was also a costume he could drive

Here’s a video of it rolling out from the assembly area:

(Forgive me, I was enjoying it almost as much as he was…)

And here he is rolling past a local softball field. Quite literally, it stopped the game:

And then a last short one of him catching the attention of a guy coming out of a corner store:

Here are a few pictures of the rig under construction:



    1. Will do, Sam! (Well, making The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” is one idea he’s kicking around for next year…)

  1. That is fantastic! I love when kids are designing and making things on their own. I’m going to have to persuade my daughter to go beyond the basic “house” box. WE NEED WHEELS (or trends)!

    1. Mobility! I’ve got a buddy who’s in a wheelchair, and he said that when he gets a powered one, that he wants Ryan to come down and pimp his ride.

    1. Isn’t that thing hilarious, Rolo? Aside from showing Ryan how to cut PVC and use a grid to transfer a litle picture of a tank onto a similar grid on the posterboard, I hardly lifted a finger to build it, either. You cannot believe how psyched with his tank he was. The whole thing was a huge Dad buzz. :-)

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