In honor of what is perhaps my very favorite piece of narrative non-fiction…

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Seabiscuit, by Laura Hillenbrand, which was a tremendous inspiration for China’s Wings.

Here’s old footage of Seabiscuit’s match race with War Admiral, which took place 75 years ago today, on 1 November, 1938, with 40 million Americans glued to their radios…



  1. Hi Greg,

    Nice! I assume you have read Hillenbrand’s Unbroken as well. A powerful work of non-fiction, in one sense, my favorite, but likely too difficult a topic these days to ever make it to the cinema.

    Bob J.

    1. You bet I did, Bob. Loved it, too. Although not quite as much as Seabiscuit, which might have something to do with knowing a lot more about the WWII flying milieu than I did about horse racing. As for Unbroken the movie, it’s in production right now, and being directed by Angelina Jolie. I expect we’ll be watching it next year.

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