China’s Wings music: a CNAC song written and performed by Bo Veaner

Breaking this week’s run of 1940s aviation porn, CNAC Association stalwart, Cannonball editor, and daughter of CNAC Hump pilot Bert Coulson, Eve Coulson brought a CNAC-inspired song to my attention yesterday. Here it is, written and performed by Bo Veaner, Eve’s longtime friend. Although Veaner never met Eve’s father, his lyrics are based on Bert Coulson’s experiences with the airline during the Second World War.

It’s a good song, worth taking the time to enjoy.

The crash referred to in the song is one which nearly killed Eve’s father, Bert on August 31, 1944.

That’s 68-years ago this week.



  1. This is WONDERFUL!…and Bo Veaner’s song is WONDERFUL!
    (I’m an old pal of Eve Coulson as well.)

    One editorial note…please correct the typo in the third line of the first paragraph.
    Bert Couson is, of course, Bert Coulson.


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