GEO Magazine covers the Hump — CNAC, ATC, Moon Chin, Joe Rosbert, and No. 58’s crash

I’m happy to announce that the June issue of GEO magazine has my article about the Hump Airlift on its cover — a great platform from which to stump for China’s Wings and laud the pioneering efforts of William Langhorne Bond and the China National Aviation Corporation.

GEO-COV-JUNE-INT-2013 copyI haven’t yet held a hard copy of the magazine, but it’s available electronically by installing the GEO App on your tablet or smartphone and then buying the issue. (The app is free: here’s the link for Apple devices, and here’s the Android link.) I’m truly chuffed with the eArticle, and it has a bunch of enhancements, including a great World War II newsreel about the Hump operation.

(Installing the GEO app is free; buying the issue costs $5.99)

Fellow CNAC-enthusiast and GEO editor Kai Friese worked up the piece with me and wrote the excellent companion story In Search of Ship 58 about his expedition to the crash site of CNAC No. 58, the plane in which Joe Rosbert and Ridge Hammell crashed on April 7, 1943, beginning their epic 47-day walkout to civilization. Amazingly, Kai located Mingah Ramat, one of the Mishmi women whose family sheltered Rosbert and Hammell after the crash. Kai’s eArticle enhancements include a video of Mingah Ramat giving her impression Rosbert crawling across the floor of her hut. That scene is one of my favorites in China’s Wings, and it’s mind-boggling to see it reenacted by an eyewitness — and I’m relieved to see that I imagined it correctly.

039 Rosbert and Hammell in Calcutta 1
Hammell and Rosbert in Calcutta after their ordeal

How Man Wong, President of the China Exploration and Research Society (CERS), wrote the second companion article, The Veteran, about the amazing life of Moon Fun Chin.

I hope you enjoy the stories. The issue also has an interesting article about Adolf Hitler’s youth and rise to power.

It’s  worth installing the app for GEO’s German edition (Apple; Android), because once you’ve installed the app, they offer a free sample issue (with a reddish cover that says ‘WUNDER’). It’s got an astonishing feature of climbers ascending the Roraima Tepui and a flabbergasting 360 degree image taken from the top.

My gratitude to Kai Friese for allowing me to contribute to his Hump project.

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