“Valley Walls” by Glen Denny, reviewed by Gregory Crouch for the WSJ

Wall Walls cover copyHere’s “Scaling the Walls of Yosemite,” my review of Valley Walls: A Memoir of Climbing & Living in Yosemite by Glen Denny in the September 3 & 4, 2016 issue of The Wall Street Journal.



Here’s a screen shot of the review online (click on the image to link to the review on the WSJ website):

Valley Walls copyThis is the 26th book I’ve reviewed for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR Books, and others.

Here’s the full list of books I’ve reviewed.



  1. Greg: Congratulations on another engaging review!

    Your reviews consistently the best parts of Saturday editions of the WSJ, and have made going straight to Reviews section to look for the latest Greg Crouch piece a Saturday ritual (and competition) at our house.

    Your review pieces always insightful and entertaining, and live on in thought after reading—including carving some great sentences into permanent memory (e.g. this article’s ‘first ascent vs. Microsoft’ and final sentences).

    Great Stuff!
    Steve & Patty and Isabel Michiels

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