My review of “The Last Thousand” by Jeffrey E. Stern

Last Thousand cover copyHere’s “Education as a pathway to pacifying a violent nation,” my review of The Last Thousand: One School’s Promise in a Nation at War by Jeffrey E. Stern in the February 14, 2016 issue of The Washington Post.

“… a paean to the power of education and its potential to peacefully revolutionize a violent nation.”


Last Thousand review copy

Review 001Here’s the full list of book reviews I’ve done for The WSJ, The Washington Post, NPR Books, and elsewhere. (This is the 24th.)


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  1. Congratulations on latest books reviews— 2 this week (Saturday’s Wall St. Journal and today’s Washington Post)! Enjoy your reviews and insights very much. We go directly to the Review section of each Saturday’s WSJ looking for the next great Greg Crouch review, but view the Washington Post and the reviews sporadically online only. Thanks for your emails of latest reviews so we get to see them all!

    “Way to Go/Thank You, Greg!”

    Steve and Patty Michiels

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