The Decisive Weapon in the War on Terror

In light of the terrible events in Paris over the weekend, and what I hope is our measured, forceful, intelligent, careful, well-targeted, and violent response to it, I hope that we don’t lose sight of that which will, I am sure, in the long run prove to be the decisive weapon in our war on terror–THE RULE OF LAW.

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  1. I used to have this argument with my dad back in the Cold War years. I always said that our best weapon against the USSR was living up to the promise of America and showing people what a free country under the rule of law looked like and spreading that ideal through the world. When we supported dictators because they were enemies of our enemies, we were winning the battle and losing the war.

    I’ve always felt vindicated by the end of the Cold War (a former leader in the KGB said that broadcasting Dallas in the USSR was the decisive blow). Then I felt saddened by our behavior in the War on Terror, where we have behaved as though the lessons of the Cold War had been completely lost.

    1. I completely agree, and I fear that by abandoning the rule of law, we condemn ourselves to winning a lot of battles at the cost of infinitely prolonging the war. Although, the development of genuine economic opportunities and respect for property rights in the world’s more awful and contentious places would also certainly do much to remove a root cause of the resentment and violence.

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