The Supermouse lives! In direct literary reference!

SuperRat copy

The Supermouse lives — in direct literary reference!

Enduring Patagonia and the Supermouse are cited and quoted inĀ this article in the Colorado Post Independent, written by Alison Osius. (It’s a funny story.) Her family’s solution to their “ratapocalypse” was much more humane than the one devised by David Fasel and I when we were stuck in a icebox hut on the edge of the Southern Patagonian Icecap 14 years ago… although, in our defense, we had no access to the accoutrements of civilization.

Enduring Patagonia has been loose in the world for a dozen years now, and the Supermouse scene sure does seem to stick with people. Here are some pictures of Ryan hitting the Supermouse climax when he read read EP last year–scroll down to the pics of him in the car.

Enduring Patagonia paperback


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