Musical arrow to the heart courtesy of Rachel Price and Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive copyI get that I’m the most spectacularly unhip person on earth, so everybody else has probably been turned into this for years, if not decades, but what about Rachel Price of Lake Street Dive?

New (pseudo) celebrity crush for me.

Mother of God, what a voice–shivers down my spine, wet eyes, and all that. They’ve got a 12-song EP called Fun Machine that’s available for download for $9.99. Worth every penny, in my mind.

Thanks to YouTube, the couch, the iPhone, and The Wall Street Journal, of all strange combinations. Here are a few songs:

I Want You Back,” “Miss Disregard,” “Use Me Up,” “You Go Down Smooth,” and this link seems to serve up 55 minutes of their music.

The best sound strikes me as the recordings they did at WFUV. Go to YouTube and search for “Lake Street Dive WFUV” brings up the whole list. Love the sexy nerd look she’s sporting in those recordings, too. Looks like she just put aside a book.

And readers are hot.



  1. It’s like a combination of Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Nora Jones. Her vocals are fantastic, but the band ain’t half bad either! :-)

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