Japanese submarine I-400 discovered 2,300 feet deep

Undersea searchers discovered the wreck of the Japanese submarine I-400 in 2,300 feet of water off the coast of Hawaii. A “mega submarine” that was 400 feet long and could launch three bombers, it was secretly scuttled by the US Navy in 1946 to prevent the Soviets getting a look at it under the terms of a WWII treaty–an act that in retrospect might have done more harm than good since I doubt such a submarine was of strategic significance and such willful non-compliance with a treaty obligation hardly engenders trust or keeps ownership of the moral high ground.

I-400 copy(Thanks to aquatic badass Shawn Alladio of K-38 Water Safety and Liquid Militia for bringing this to my attention.)

Here’s the Reuters story about the I-400, by Suzanne Roig

Here’s a 3-minute video about the discovery by a Honolulu news station.




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