Gin threatened! Landlords from Hell! Appalling email!

1. Gin threatened! The BBC reports that scientists have discovered a “fungus-like organism” attacking juniper bushes. Here’s a BBC 4 podcast explaining the terrible threat the attack on juniper poses to the world supply of gin. Apparently this potential catastrophe was first detected in Patagonia.

2. San Francisco Landlords from Hell extradited from Italy and sentenced to four years in prison. Justice served.

3. I’ve written and said some stupid stuff in my time, but (hopefully) nothing like this doozy: A GOP official in Illinois characterizing a former-Miss America as a “street walker” who could fill a “law firm’s minority quota.” Astonishingly, the poor old sap wasn’t slagging off a Democrat. He was going after a rival Republican Congressional candidate, Erika Harold, who helped pay for her Harvard law school education by winning the Miss Illinois and Miss America contests.


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