China’s Wings – how the sausage got made

I built most of China’s Wings from these 4×6 cards, using the process described by Barbara Tuchman in her book Practicing History (which I described in this old post).

I’d loaned one of my boxes of index cards to another writer, and they came back to me this morning. Feels good to have them home.

The box of cards, returned home. (The blue stripes mark cards whose factoids found their way into my original draft.)
Some of the cards pertinent to China’s Wings, 1939


  1. Greg, I’ve be gleaning a lot from you on how to better organize my personal hobby of the history and current events of Alaska and Yukon mountaineering and putting it into real output on my blog, among other subjects. This is helping me be organized to have the confidence to go deeper. Thank you for sharing all of this on several posts so openly, Greg!

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