CNAC luggage labels and an airline poster

One of the best aspects of the last couple of weeks is the number of CNAC-related people and aviation-o-philes who’ve been contacting me to share their enthusiasm for China’s Wings. One of them is Daniel Kusrow, who has a collection of CNAC luggage labels, timetables, and posters. He sent scans of some of his better items this morning, and I’m delighted to post four of them here. (Don’t miss the gorgeous poster at the bottom of the page.)

Two other runs of CNAC brochures and timetables and luggage labels can be found on the Airline Timetable Images website, created by two Swedes, Björn Larsson and David Zekria, that is devoted to showcasing various collections of airline material. It’s a pretty spectacular website.

In the interest of commercial fairness, here are links to items related to Eurasia, CNAC’s chief commercial rival through the 1930s and ’40s — one here and another set here. Eurasia reorganized at Central Air Transport Company in 1943, and Moon Chin became it’s operations manager in 1945. (pp. 371-375 of China’s Wings.)

I’ll feed these images into the photo album I’m building on the China’s Wings Facebook page. It’s getting to be a nice collection, with more than 60 images and photos. Click on over, “like” it, and surf through the album.


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