China’s Wings now available for pre-order

I think it’ll only be another few weeks before I get my advance copies of China’s Wings. My guess is that I’ll have them in the last week of January.

And I’m happy to announce that China’s Wings is available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Also, I’ve put up a Facebook page for China’s Wings, and I’m hoping you’ll pop over and give it a “like” and help spread the word amongst your friends.



  1. Hi Gregory,

    It was so exciting to hear you speak in Santa Rosa last week. Thank you for sharing Enduring Patagonia with us as well as the awesome preview of China’s Wings. When China’s Wings is released, I hope you’ll come back up to the North Bay and give a talk. So excited to read this book! (and yes, of course, I pre-ordered it!)


    1. I was thrilled to see you, too, Serena, and very touched that you and Alan made the effort to drive down. Pour me a few glasses of your delicious wine and I’ll be delighted to talk about China’s Wings at your tasting room. And thanks for the pre-order. xo GC

  2. Hey, Greg:

    Does your book include any information on Doc Richards who was the flight surgeon with the CNAC group? I was delivered by him in 1954 and he was our family doctor which I had previously mentioned to you in an earlier email last year???

    Good luck with the book; as you mentioned you don’t have personal copies but can I assume it will be available for purchase at Barnes and Nobles around the end of January or February. It would be great to get a personal signed copy but I guess I will have to figure out the best way to get the copy to you for signature. Are you set for any book signings in the California area???


    Debra Sola Hauff

    1. Hi Debra! How fabulous that you were delivered by Doc Richards. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get a by-name mention in China’s Wings, although he is the doctor who examined Joe Rosbert’s leg after his epic trek out of the mountains in 1943. All of the old CNAC people I’ve interviewed mention him, however.

      Where are you in California? I’ve got a book signing scheduled for Bookshop West Portal in San Francisco for March 13, and am hoping to add many more shows to that list. China’s Wings is officially scheduled to go on sale on February 28th, and yes, it should be on the front tables of every Barnes & Noble in the country in the first week of March. (And in every other bookshop, too.) If none of my book events end up being convenient for you, however, you can mail me a copy and I’d be delighted to sign and dedicate it for you.

      Thanks, Greg

  3. Greg…rather than order from Amazon would prefer to order an inscribed copy direct from you – paying for book plus post to my address (Hedgehog House Po Box 33-152 Christchurch New Zealand) Can you take secure credit card details…or I could send in three emails? Cheers colin

    1. Dear Colin,

      I’m thrilled that you’re so excited.

      I’m not a bookseller, merely a writer, so I won’t have personal copies for sale, but I’d be DELIGHTED to dedicate and sign a copy for you when China’s Wings is released (2/28/2012 is its official on-sale date).

      Perhaps the best thing to do would be to buy a copy online and have it shipped to my address. Then I’ll sign it and mail it to you and you can send me back the mailing cost.

      Would that work for you? If so, fire me an email to and I’ll send you my mailing addy.

      Cheers, Greg

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