China’s Wings excerpt

An email this morning from Tracy Devine, my delightful and talented editor at Bantam,  brought to my attention a China’s Wings excerpt posted by Powell’s Books. Here it is, Saint Patrick’s Day, 1931, which is Chapter One, in its entirety. It’s also here, on the Random House website, where the format is a little cleaner.

And allow me to tip my hat to Powell’s Books. It’s my favorite outing in Portland, Oregon, a veritable cathedral of civilization.



  1. Thanks Tom! I can’t wait for the thing to drop into your hot little hands. But not to worry, that excerpt is the first chapter. There’s a brief preface ahead of that and a few short author’s notes, but other than those few hundred words, you’re looking at the start.

  2. Excellent! Very nice, though I only read the first little bit. I didn’t want to read too far since I already have the whole book on pre-order. I don’t want to ruin the experience by reading too much out of the middle before getting my hands on the full story!

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