China’s Wings and book clubs

On Tuesday night, I attended a meeting of the UCLA alumni book club that had chosen China’s Wings as their March book. We ate pizza, drank, wine, and had lively, enlightening conversations about William Bond, Moon Chin, and CNAC. I showed some of Bond’s letters and explained the process I used to organize my research. Very interesting for all of us, I think. For me, it was a genuine pleasure to engage with people who’d absorbed and enjoyed the story so thoroughly and who were curious to learn about the research and writing of the book and to discuss various aspects of it in greater detail.

I’d be delighted to coordinate similar events with other book clubs, and although I can’t attend events that are far from the Bay Area, we could do a Skype call that would allow us to discuss China’s Wings in person. (I’d be able to attend events near Walnut Creek.)

If you’d like to set up something similar with your book club, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m sure we can get something coordinated.


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