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Well, after an absolutely epic work push, I finished reading the page proofs of China’s Wings and returned them to New York. Another big “tick” made. I’m very happy with how everything is shaping up.

Picking up the thread of those crib sheets for a paper son that I posted a few weeks ago, Rebecca Lem’s aunt Rose Lem was kind enough to translate them. (Thank you Rebecca and Rose!)

Here’s the link to the crib sheets:

And here’s the link to a further explanation of what they actually were when Donald Chan looked into his family history:

And here’s what Rose Lem translated for us:

Q: Did you attend Wing-Cheong’s wedding banquet?

A: I did not go.

Q: Where was his wife come from?

A: I heard that his wife came from Shan-Wu Village.

Q: How many children does Wing-Cheong have?

A: One daughter, name Yok-Xiao. She is one year old.  He has no son yet.

Q; How far is your Che-Lang Village to Long-Sing Village?  Can you see it from your village?

A: About 10 li. I cannot see it from my Che-Lang Village.

Q: What are the gifts at Wing-Cheong’s wedding?

A: I didn’t go so I do not know.

Q: Where is Wing-Cheong and his parents now?

A: They came to America in 1932. (actually, arrived in Jan 1932)

Q: How many persons are still in China?

A: There are three persons in China ( Wing-Sing, Yok-Xiao and Wing-Cheong’s wife)

The attached maps shows the relative distance among other villages.

And the second document:

A.  My husband’s sisters had pass away long time ago. I did not see them at my wedding. I don’t know their names.

Q: How many plots in your village and does it has a temple?

A:   In the front, there are six. Including the Temple there are nine. Now there are twelve in the back

Q:  How many houses in your village?

A:  In the front, there were 14 houses. Now there are 17 excluding the Temple and its two small houses.

Q:  Which plot and which house do you live at?

A:  I live at the first plot and the first house at the rear of the village.

Q:  Does your house have tiles?

A:  Yes

(if asked about the surroundings and the design of the old house, just say the actual things of my old house)

Q: Is there a shrine in your house ?

A: No

Q: Are there any market places near your village?

A: Wu-Xi market place is about 3-2 li from my village.

Q: Which direction does your village facing?

A: My village is facing Northwest.

Q: Does your village have mountain and water?

A: There is a little hill in the rear, rice field in the front.

Q: Where were your father and mother –in-law buried? And how far?

A: Their burial ground is in the hill in the back of the village, facing east. Approximately 1 li

Q: How far is your in-law’s village from your?

A: About 10 li

Q: What kind of wedding did you have?

A: The old fashioned way.

Q: Do you have a marriage certificate?

A: No

Q: Do you have the three generations document?

A:   I had it before, but I have lost it long time ago. Now I don’t have it.

Q:  When did you leave the village to Hong Kong?

A:  (Tell the actual date)

If asked about your association with the Communist Party,  the answer is no

The attached drawing is the layout of the houses in the village

The name of owner is listed.


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