1. Greg,

    Now staying with Moon for a couple days. When is your book ready? I’ve been waiting for it for a few years now. Next year he is 99 and I am hijacking him back to Burma.


    1. So nice to hear from you, How Man! I’m only on the other side of San Francisco Bay in Walnut Creek. Moon is such a treasure. As for my book, I think Moon might have a few of the bound galleys floating around at his house. If you want to check them out, feel free. The book itself should be out in February. I’m working on maps and jacket copy right now, and once I’m through those tasks, only final proofreading should remain.

      Cheers, Greg

  2. I am a public health nurse and work in the Chinatown area in San Francisco. I live in the Sunset District in San Francisco. My neighbor Mrs. Ruth Murray (in her 80s) has lost contact with Mr. Moon Fun Chin and she has asked for my help to locate him. Mrs. Murray said she knows Mr. Chin for a long time (decades ago) and there is another friend who’s also trying to reconnect with him. Not sure if you can forward this message to Mr. Chin for my neighbor but really appreciate your help. Mrs. Murray said they are good friends from long time ago but unfortunately they have lost his address.

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