1. Greg,
    I am very excited that you have tackled this interesting and little-covered subject. Sometimes it seems that all the accounts of the undertakings, adventures, and involvement of Americans in pre-war Asia were drowned as the post-war vaccuum rearranged everything there. I look forward to reading your account of this golden time and of enjoying some of the gems you seem to have unearthed.

    Perhaps you should somehow have Jimmy Buffet’s song, “Somewhere Over China,” playing on this web site. ;-)


    1. Karson, that would be a damn fine soundtrack for this site, no doubt. I agree with you about much of the pre-war Americans in Asia stories were swallowed in the larger drama of “losing China”. (As if China were ever ours to lose!) I think much of that might have to do with China becoming a subject-non-grata in the McCarthy Era. A shamefully unsophisticated nadir of American political discourse.

    1. Eileen! How nice to hear from you. It’s coming soon: on sale date is 2/28/12, and I’m sure it’ll be available in most every bookstore. Glad you like the jacket. I have such fond memories of that long weekend I spent with you and your family while I interviewed your father. Hope you’re doing well — and Happy New Year! Best, Greg

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