The Loening Air Yacht, early 1930s

The Loening Air Yacht, the height of airline technology in use in China in 1931 (

Aloft, it cruised at about one hundred miles per hour, and the pilots said it had had a built-in headwind, but despite its lethargy, the Loening Air Yacht was rugged and durable and economical to operate, crucial characteristics for an airline to consider if it hoped to operate successfully, and for a profit, in China. It was the most useful commercial airplane in the Middle Kingdom when William Bond arrived in China on St. Patrick’s Day, 1931, the opening scene of my book, China’s Wings.

Here’s a photo gallery of the Loening in China in the 1930s.

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Another view of the Loening, which could carry six passengers the cabin framed between the fuselage and hull (

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