Alex Honnold’s Alone on the Wall, reviewed by Gregory Crouch

Alone on the Wall copyAlex Honnold is probably the most interesting climber active in the world today.

Here’s “Free Spirit,” my review of Honnold’s new book Alone on the Wall (co-authored by David Roberts) in the November 28 & 29, 2015 edition of The Wall Street Journal.



41QKpVp2xkLTo present my credentials to comment on climbing, here’s my alpine memoir, Enduring Patagonia (Random House, 2001), my attempt to crack open the world of cutting edge alpinism for a general readership.



Here’s the full list of book reviews I’ve done for The WSJ, The Washington Post, NPR Books, and elsewhere.

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Fear the Catholics among you!

If you were a native-born American in the 1840s and 1850s, you quite likely thought the massive wave of Catholics immigrating into the United States was an invasion by a foreign power whose values were incompatible with American principles and saw it as part of a vast Papal conspiracy to conquer and subdue American democracy. Fear the Catholics among you, for they have come to spread their superstitions, their theocracy, their idolatry, and their false God! And we all know how that played out…

They became Americans just like you and me.

Anti-Catholicism in the United States

The Decisive Weapon in the War on Terror

In light of the terrible events in Paris over the weekend, and what I hope is our measured, forceful, intelligent, careful, well-targeted, and violent response to it, I hope that we don’t lose sight of that which will, I am sure, in the long run prove to be the decisive weapon in our war on terror–THE RULE OF LAW.

#ParisAttacks #PrayForParis #WarOnTerror

Patagonia in the New York Herald in 1848

I just stumbled across this article about Patagonia in The New York Herald on September 19, 1848….

“Patagonia… is an almost unknown country, at the southern extremity of South America, and is famous for being the fabled land of giants. The aboriginals were reported to be of gigantic stature, but this idle tale has long since been exploded.

“Patagonia, we believe, forms a part of the Argentine Republic, but is unsettled, and destitute of ports, cities, or commerce…”

Here’s a screen grab of the article:

Patagonia NYH 1848 09 19 copy

Fun stuff!



Excellent CNAC video featuring Moon Chin, Pete Goutiere, and others

Here’s an excellent 20-minute CNAC video featuring four of the airline’s pilots I interviewed while writing China’s Wings: Moon Chin, Pete Goutiere, Fletcher Hanks, and Cedric Mah.

Wong How Man, founder of the China Exploration and Research Society (CERS), organized and produced the documentary. It’s very well done, with lots of film footage and photographs from CNAC’s days of Flying the Hump, 1942-1945, and it’s an excellent vehicle through which to “meet” these amazing men.

China's Wings

303 years of CNAC flying glory!

303 years of China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC) flying glory in this photo, which I took at the annual CNAC Association reunion this past weekend.

That’s Moon Fun Chin (102), Jack Young (100), and Pete Goutiere (101)

Looking good, boys!
Looking good, boys!


Fun weekend with the rest of the CNAC gang, and great to see Moon, Jack, and Pete in such good health and spirits.

CNAC forever!

What was CNAC? It’s the prime mover in my book China’s Wings.