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More on the Electoral College

Building on yesterday’s post about why we have the Electoral College. This comes out of the Electoral College Facebook thread I started. (Lots of interesting commentary within.) I get that people don’t think it’s fair that Presidential votes in one … Continue reading

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The Electoral College–why we have it

Why we have the Electoral College system and why it’s a good thing. Continue reading

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Fear the Catholics among you!

If you were a native-born American in the 1840s and 1850s, you quite likely thought the massive wave of Catholics immigrating into the United States was part of a vast Papal conspiracy to conquer and subdue American democracy. Continue reading

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The Decisive Weapon in the War on Terror

In light of the terrible events in Paris over the weekend, I hope that we don’t lose sight of that which will, I am sure, in the long run prove to be the decisive weapon in our war on terror–THE RULE OF LAW. Continue reading

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America’s worst foreign policy of all time

The neutrality legislation of the 1930s: I think it’s to The United States’ everlasting shame that we couldn’t discern any principle or outrage worth fighting for prior to December 7, 1941–in either hemisphere. Continue reading

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