Final resting place of THE BONANZA KING

Of the man. Hopefully not the book. ;-)

Yesterday, Scribner Associate Editor Sarah Goldberg made a pilgrimage out Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery to pay her respects to THE BONANZA KING, John William Mackay.

The bluff old miner would appreciate how hard Sarah and Editor-in-Chief Colin Harrison worked on the book. Both deserve heaps of credit. Both have my everlasting gratitude. Sarah forwarded these photos this morning. Clicking on the images enlarges them nicely. According to her, Mackay has by far the most impressive mausoleum in the cemetery, atop a shady hill.


Thanks, Sarah!


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  1. Hi Sarah. I lived in Nevada 30 years and appreciated your pict and description of Mackay’s grave. I’m sitting in front of it right now. I’m really shocked that there isn’t a single word about who he was engraved anywhere , and in the Wikipedia- his first mentioned job was “ Ship Builder”. Having no descriptions of persons near graves, is that a thing at GW Cemetery?
    His great , great, great granddaughter Katie Hawkins was in my fourth grade class ( in Lake Tahoe) and I’ve been interested in that story , especially after reading Silver Platter by E Berlin. Silver and Nevada doesn’t seem at the center of his remembrance- so odd to me.

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