Ernest Hemingway and China’s Wings in the South China Morning Post

Thrilled to see this story about Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn in the Valentine’s Day edition of Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post: “In Love and War: a Hong Kong honeymoon for Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn.”

Looks like a few chunks of the story were sourced from this website.

China’s Wings, William Langhorne Bond, the China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC), Emily “Mickey” Hahn, and Pan Am all get substantial mentions.

SCMP copy I suspect the author sourced these posts I made shortly after China’s Wings published: Emily Hahn, Ernest Hemingway, China’s Wings, and the Boxer Uprising; and Emily Hahn and CNAC, aka The Hardest Cut; and Ernest Hemingway and China’s Wings.

China's WingsI read all of the books mentioned in the story when I was researching and writing China’s Wings. Martha Gellhorn’s Travels With Myself and Another is a minor classic. The description of Hemingway defeating a dozen Chinese generals in a drinking contest had me howling with laughter.

Never bad to get mentioned in a story about Ernest Hemingway.


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