China’s Wings published in China, in Chinese

IMG_1I’m pleased to announce that China’s Wings has been translated into Chinese and published in China. Many thanks to Angie Chen, who did the translation.

My publisher tells me that none of the following sites will ship outside China, but here are three that should get the job done should you like to acqure a Chinese edition:

Amazon China; JD; and Dangdang.

All that cooked down into this...


It feels a strange being the author of a book in which I can’t read a single word, but I’m really glad that China’s Wings is finally available in The Middle Kingdom.





  1. Greg’s China Wings is a great read of real history. It rivals an “Indiana Jones” story! Truth always trumps fiction.

    1. Thank you, Jim! Nice of you to check in. Nobody would believe you if you tried to make that stuff up. Cheers, GC

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