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I’d like to propose a new word…

Apocalist. Def.: The Thanksgiving shopping list. Continue reading

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Wartime spy finally accepts she is a French Heroine

A close family friend – her godmother’s father – had been shot by the Germans and her godmother had committed suicide after being taken prisoner by the Nazis. “I did it for revenge,” said Mrs. Doyle. Continue reading

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50 Notable works of nonfiction, posted by the Washington Post

A list of 50 notable nonfiction books curated by The Washington Post. Continue reading

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The Naked Mountaineer by Stephen Sieberson, reviewed by Gregory Crouch

“The jacket copy promises irreverent adventures and peculiar characters presented in a manner far removed from that of “the typical mountaineering book.” And so we crack its covers hoping for alpine rambles in the vein of Eric Newby’s lighthearted bumble “A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush,” of Tom Patey ’s gently deprecating “One Man’s Mountains,” or of W.E. Bowman ’s side-splitting satire “The Ascent of Rum Doodle… ” Continue reading

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No Man’s Land by Elizabeth Samet, reviewed by Gregory Crouch

“No Man’s Land is her exploration of what it means for the United States and its soldiery to be “adrift between war and peace.” She does it with the aid of literature, ranging through mankind’s “commandos of the imagination…” Continue reading

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Adorable cat with dubious literary taste

Adorable photo of Ginger the Cat, courtesy of June Creson. June recently retired from Boeing, where, as the person who coordinated the string of Ed Wells Book Club events I’ve been doing, she was probably responsible for creating more China’s … Continue reading

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Best Halloween costume ever, by my 13-year old son, Ryan

When my 13-year old son and I watched the  trailer for the movie Fury some weeks ago, he exclaimed, “It would be so awesome to go to Halloween dressed as a tank!” I said, “You know, you could probably make that happen…” … Continue reading

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