Old school West Face of Cerro Torre Video

Here’s an old school video of a 1994 ascent of Cerro Torre’s west face by David Authemann, Patrick Pessi and Fred Valet of France, the route’s fourth ascent according to Rolo’s list at Pataclimb.

David Autheman also appears in the Piergorgio film I linked to a few weeks ago.

Also, in more current news from the extreme south, Argentinean Natalia Martinez and Chilean Camilo Rada climbed Tierra del Fuego’s Monte Sarmiento via a new route in winter. Here’s the Alpinist report on their climb, with a summary of the mountain’s climbing history.

I’ve seen Monte Sarmiento a few times–from the north side of Bahia Inutil while walking and hitchhiking across Tierra del Fuego in 1994, once from the Punta Arenas vicinity, and once while acting as an “area expert” for the National Geographic Expeditions trips I used to help lead–and it’s spectacular. Someday, I’d like to do some climbing and exploring in the Cordierra Darwin.

Here’s a run of good photos from German climbers Ralf Gantzhorn, Joern Heller and Robert Jasper, who made a trip to the mountain in 2010

And here’s a link to an Alpinist report on a French expedition that traversed the range in 2012.


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