The 400… books, that is… some immortal, some not.

I’m gonna out myself as a total dork, but I’ve been keeping this list of books I’ve read since January, 2000, when I starting writing Enduring Patagonia. I realized that I’d hit 400 last night, when I added Richard K. Morgan’s science fiction, Altered Carbon. (Philip K. Dick meets Raymond Chandler, and very enjoyable.)

I love reading. It’s my preferred form of recreation/relaxation not counting surfing, climbing, and making love. Every minute spent reading feels like a minute well spent, and I hate it when I get caught having to wait without anything to read.

[Q: I’d like to published the list as a separate webpage, as a sortable spreadsheet by author, title, and date read. Can somebody advise me on how to do that? Like baseball statistics, except for books.]

I generally get through The Economist every week, and I’m also a pretty religious reader of The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated, but this list is about books and doesn’t include them. Nor does it include the absurd number of times I read Enduring Patagonia and China’s Wings while I was writing them. On the low end of the estimates, reading, editing, re-reading, and re-editing those two projects probably cost me another 50 books.

Scanning through, seems like my preferred genres are good novels, narrative non-fiction & history, and pulp.

The classics speak for themselves. Tomorrow I’ll fish out ten less well known but very worthwhile books to recommend.

The list also shines a powerful glare on one of the most terrifying statistics in the universe (to me, at least) — the very finite number of books I can hope to read in my remaining lifetime. Being generous with the time, 400 books and a dozen years is 33.3 books per year. (And yes, I do recognize that I’m cheating a little.) If I exceed the average American male life expectancy and make it to 85 with my mind reasonably intact, that’s another 38 years of reading. Multiplied by 33.3 books per year and I’m looking at reading another 1,265 books.


So here they are, the 400, some immortal, some not, from Hallett Abend and Aeschylus to Mitchell Zuckoff and Paul Zweig.

  1. Abend, Hallett. My Life in China: 1926-1941.
  2. Aeschylus. Agamemnon.
  3. Aeschylus. The Eumenides.
  4. Aeschylus. The Libation Bearers.
  5. Ambrose, Stephen. Band of Brothers.
  6. Ambrose, Stephen. Citizen Soldiers.
  7. Ambrose, Stephen. The Wild Blue.
  8. Ambrose, Stephen. Custer and Crazy Horse: The Parallel Lives of Two American Warriors.
  9. Ambrose, Stephen. To America: Personal Reflections of an Historian. (11/09)
  10. Angell, Roger. Let Me Finish.
  11. Angell, Roger. The Summer Game.
  12. Angell, Roger. Game Time.
  13. Aristotle. Poetics.
  14. Atkinson, Rick. An Army at Dawn.
  15. Atkinson, Rick. The Day of Battle. (3/08)
  16. Atlas, James. Saul Bellow: A Biography.
  17. Auden, W.H., and Christopher Isherwood. Journey to a War.
  18. Baldacci, David. Split Second. (6/10)
  19. Banks, Iain. Espedair Street.
  20. Banks, Iain. The Wasp Factory.
  21. Banks, Iain M. Consider Phelbas.
  22. Banks, Iain M. The Use of Weapons.
  23. Banks, Iain M. The Player of Games.
  24. Banks, Iain M. Excession. (10/09)
  25. Banks, Iain M. Look to Windward.
  26. Banks, Iain M. Matter.
  27. Barker, Pat. The Ghost Road.
  28. Barry, Sebastian. A Long Long Way.
  29. Baxter, Walter. Look Down in Mercy.
  30. Beach, Patrick. A Good Forest for Dying.
  31. Bellow, Saul. Henderson, the Rain King.
  32. Bellow, Saul. Herzog.
  33. Bellow, Saul. Seize the Day.
  34. Bellow, Saul. The Adventures of Augie March.
  35. Bergreen, Lawrence. Over the Edge of the World.
  36. Bissinger, Buzz. Friday Night Lights.
  37. Bissinger, Buzz. Three Nights in August.
  38. Bixby, Harold M. Topside Rickshaw.
  39. Boardman, Peter. The Shining Mountain.
  40. Bond, Charles R. and Terry H. Anderson. A Flying Tiger’s Diary.
  41. Bond, William. Wings for an Embattled China.
  42. Bowden, Mark. Black Hawk Down.
  43. Bowden, Mark. Killing Pablo.
  44. Bowles, Paul. The Sheltering Sky.
  45. Boyington, Gregory. Tonya.
  46. Boyington, Gregory. Baa Baa Black Sheep.
  47. Bradley, James. Flyboys.
  48. Bradley, James. The Flags of Our Fathers.
  49. Bragg, John. The Broom of God. MSS. (2/13)
  50. Brand, H.W. The Age of Gold. (10/12)
  51. Brokaw, Tom. The Greatest Generation.
  52. Brown, Dan. Angels and Demons.
  53. Brown, Dan. The Da Vinci Code.
  54. Brown, Dan. The Lost Symbol.
  55. Burdsall, Richard, Emmons, Moore, and Young. Men Against the Clouds.
  56. Burgess, Anthony. Ernest Hemingway and His World.
  57. Burnett, Hallie & Whit. Fiction Writer’s Handbook.
  58. Campbell, James. The Ghost Mountain Boys. (9/11)
  59. Capote, Truman. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  60. Capote, Truman. In Cold Blood.
  61. Card, Orsen Scott. Ender’s Game.
  62. Carr, Calib. Angel of Darkness.
  63. Carr, Caleb. The Devil Soldier: The American Soldier of Fortune Who Became a God in China.
  64. Casey, John. Spartina.
  65. Chabon, Michael. Summerland.
  66. Chiang, Iris. The Rape of Nanking.
  67. Chiang, Iris. The Chinese in America.
  68. Chatwin, Bruce and Paul Theroux. Patagonia Revisited.
  69. Child, Lee. Killing Floor. (1/13)
  70. Child, Lee. Die Trying. (2/13)
  71. Clapp, Nicholas. The Road to Ubar: Finding the Atlantis of the Sands.
  72. Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”
  73. Colfer, Eoin. Artemis Fowl.
  74. Colfer, Eoin. Artemis Fowl #2: The Arctic Incident.
  75. Connelly, Michael. A Darkness More than Night.
  76. Connelly, Michael. Lost Light.
  77. Connelly, Michael. The Brass Verdict. (2/2010)
  78. Connelly, Michael. The City of Bones.
  79. Connelly, Michael. The Closers.
  80. Connelly, Michael. The Narrows.
  81. Connelly, Michael. The Overlook.
  82. Connelly, Michael. 9 Dragons. (7/10)
  83. Connelly, Michael. The Black Box. (2/13)
  84. Conniff, Richard. The Natural History of the Rich.
  85. Conrad, Joseph. A Personal Record.
  86. Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness.
  87. Conrad, Joseph. Nostromo.
  88. Conrad, Joseph. The Mirror of the Sea.
  89. Conrad, Joseph. The Shadow Line.
  90. Conrad, Joseph. Victory.
  91. Cornwall, Patricia. Black Notice.
  92. Cornwell, Bernard. Agincourt.
  93. Cornwell, Bernard. Sharpe’s Battle.
  94. Cornwell, Bernard. Sharpe’s Enemy.
  95. Cornwell, Bernard. Sharpe’s Honor.
  96. Cornwell, Bernard. Sharpe’s Regiment.
  97. Cornwell, Bernard. The Archer’s Tale.
  98. Cornwell, Bernard. Vagabond
  99. Cornwell, Bernard. Heretic.
  100. Cornwell, Bernard. The Last Kingdom.
  101. Cornwell, Bernard. Lords of the North.
  102. Cornwell, Bernard. Sword Song.
  103. Crais, Robert. Hostage.
  104. Crais, Robert. The Watchman. (2/11)
  105. Crouch, Gregory. China’s Wings.
  106. Crouch, Gregory. Enduring Patagonia.
  107. Dai Sijie. Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.
  108. Daley, Robert. An American Saga: Juan Trippe and his Pan Am Empire.
  109. Dante. Inferno.
  110. Davis, Steph. Learning to Fly. (4/13)
  111. Davis, Natalie Zemon. The Return of Martin Guerre. (5/12)
  112. De Blieu, Jan. Wind: How the Flow of Air Has Shaped Life, Myth, and the Land.
  113. Diamond, Jared. Guns, Germs, and Steel.
  114. Dick, Philip K. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. (1/13)
  115. Dideon, Joan. Play it as it Lays.
  116. Dideon, Joan. Where I was From.
  117. Dillard, Annie. The Writing Life.
  118. Dodson, Jamie. Flying Boats & Spies. (9/12)
  119. Dong, Stella. Shanghai: The Rise and Fall of a Decadent City.
  120. Dos Passos, John. Chosen Country. (3/10)
  121. Drabelle, Dennis. Mile High Fever: Silver Mines, Boom Town, and High Living on the Comstock Lode. (11/12)
  122. Drury, Well. An Editor on the Comstock Lode. (12/12)
  123. Ehrenfeld, David. The Arrogance of Humanism.
  124. Ehrenfeld, David. Beginning Again.
  125. Eichenwald, Kurt. The Informant.
  126. Ellroy, James. Blood on the Moon.
  127. Ellroy, James. The Black Dahlia. (8/12)
  128. Ellroy, James. The Big Nowhere. (9/12)
  129. Fairstein, Linda. Final Jeopardy.
  130. Fante, John. Ask the Dust.
  131. Farmer, Rhodes. Shanghai Harvest.
  132. Faulks, Sebastian. Birdsong.
  133. Faulks, Sebastian. Charlotte Gray. (7/10)
  134. Feinstein, John. Living on the Black.
  135. Fenby, Jonathan. Generalissimo: Chiang Kai-shek and the China He Lost.
  136. Fenn, I.J. The Beat: A True Account of the Bondi Gay Murders.
  137. Fiffer, Steve. Tyrannosaurus Sue.
  138. Fitschen, Joe. Going Up. (3/13)
  139. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby.
  140. Foer, Franklin. How Soccer Explains the World.
  141. Follet, Ken. Hornet Flight. (10/10)
  142. Follet, Ken. The Pillars of the Earth.
  143. Follet, Ken. World Without End.
  144. Ford, Daniel. The Flying Tigers.
  145. Ford, Ford Maddox. The Good Soldier.
  146. Fraser, George MacDonald. Quartered Safe Out Here.
  147. Frater, Alexander. Chasing the Monsoon.
  148. French, Paul. Midnight in Peking. (4/13)
  149. Friedman, David M. A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis.
  150. Frillman, Paul and Graham Peck. China: A Remembered Life.
  151. Funke, Cornelia. Inkheart. (1/13)
  152. Furst, Alan. Mission to Paris. (3/13)
  153. Furst, Alan. Blood of Victory.
  154. Furst, Alan. Dark Star.
  155. Furst, Alan. Night Soldiers.
  156. Furst, Alan. The Foreign Correspondent.
  157. Furst, Alan. The Polish Officer.
  158. Galbraith, John. The Great Crash.
  159. Gann, Ernest K. Fate is the Hunter. (1/12)
  160. Gann, Ernest K. Soldier of Fortune.
  161. Gardiner, John. The Art of Fiction.
  162. Gellhorn, Martha. Travels With Myself and Another.
  163. Genovese, J. Gen. We Flew Without Guns.
  164. Gent, Peter. North Dallas Forty.
  165. Glines, Carroll V. and Wendell F. Mosley. The Legendary DC-3.
  166. Goodwin, Doris Kearns. No Ordinary Time. (3/12)
  167. Goodwin, Doris Kearns. Wait Till Next Year.
  168. Gould, Stephen Jay. Ever Since Darwin.
  169. Goutiere, Peter J. Himalayan Rogue: A Pilot’s Odyssey.
  170. Greene, Graham. The Honorary Consul.
  171. Gwynne, S.C. Empire of the Summer Moon. (7/11)
  172. Hahn, Emily. China to Me.
  173. Hahn, Emily. No Hurry to Get Home.
  174. Halberstam, David. The Coldest Winter.
  175. Halliburton, Richard. The Royal Road to Romance. (12/09)
  176. Hammett, Dashiel. The Dain Curse. (9/12)
  177. Harbach, Chad. The Art of Fielding. (6/13)
  178. Harrison, Jim. Legends of the Fall.
  179.  Haruf, Kent. Plainsong.
  180. Hawking, Stephen. A Brief History of Time.
  181. Heinlein, Robert. Starship Troopers. (12/10)
  182. Hemingway, Ernest. A Moveable Feast.
  183. Hemingway, Ernest. The Old Man and the Sea.
  184. Higgins, George. The Friends of Eddie Coyle.
  185. Hillenbrand, Laura. Unbroken. (10/11)
  186. Hillenbrand, Laura. Seabiscuit.
  187. Hinkle, Warren. The Richest Place on Earth. (10/12)
  188. Homer. The Iliad.
  189. Homer. The Odyssey.
  190. Honigsbaum, Mark. The Fever Trail.
  191. Honigsbaum, Mark. Living with Enza: The Forgotten Story of Britain and the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918.
  192. Hornfischer, James. Neptune’s Inferno. (5/11)
  193. Hough, Richard. Wings Against the Sky.
  194. Hough, Richard. Fight of the Few.
  195. Hough , Richard. Wings of Victory.
  196. Howard, Gerald. Editors on Editing.
  197. Huff, Tanya. Valor’s Choice. (11/10)
  198. Iyer, Pico. Video Night in Katmandu.
  199. Jones, James. From Here to Eternity.
  200. Jones, James. The Thin Red Line.
  201. Junger, Ernst. Storm of Steel.
  202. Junger, Sebastian. The Perfect Storm.
  203. Kahn, Roger. The Boys of Summer.
  204. Keane, Fergal. Road of Bones. (8/11)
  205. Kearney, Alan. Mountaineering in Patagonia.
  206. Kesey, Ken. Sometimes a Great Notion.
  207. Kingdon, Robert M. Adultery and Divorce in Calvin’s Geneva. (5/12)
  208. Korda, Michael. With Wings Like Eagles.
  209.  Krakauer, Jon. Into the Wild.
  210. Krakauer, Jon. Into Thin Air.
  211. Krakauer, Jon. Under the Banner of Heaven.
  212. Krakauer, Jon. Where Men Win Glory.
  213. Larsen, Michael. Literary Agents.
  214. Larson, Erik. Devil in the White City.
  215. Larson, Erik. In the Garden of Beasts. (4/13)
  216. Larrowe, Charles P. Harry Bridges: The Rise and Fall of Radical Labor in the United States. (6/12)
  217. Larsson, Steig. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. (9/10)
  218. Larsson, Steig. The Girl Who Played With Fire. (9/10)
  219. Lawrence, T.E. Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
  220. Leary, William. The Dragon’s Wings.
  221. Leavy, Jane. Sandy Koufax: A Lefty’s Legacy.
  222. Leckie, Robert. Helmet for my Pillow. (3/11)
  223. Lewis, Michael. Moneyball.
  224. Levy, Buddy. Conquistador!
  225. Levy, Daniel. Two-Gun Cohen.
  226. Lindblade, Andrew. Expeditions.
  227. Lindberg, Anne Morrow. North to the Orient. (2/12. A second reading.)
  228. Lippman, Thomas W. Understanding Islam.
  229. Long, John. Rock Jocks, Wall Rats, and Hangdogs: Rock Climbing on the Edge of Reality.
  230. Lord, Eliot. Comstock Mining and Miners. (11/12)
  231. Lyman, George D. The Saga of the Comstock Lode. (10/12)
  232. Makley, Michael J. John Mackay: Silver King in the Gilded Age. (1/13)
  233. Malreux, Andre. Man’s Fate. (4/08)
  234. Markham, Beryl. West With the Night.
  235. Martin, George R. R. Game of Thrones. (12/11)
  236. Martin, George R. R. Clash of Kings (12/11)
  237. Martin, George R. R. A Storm of Swords. (12/11)
  238. Martin, George R. R. A Feat For Crows. (10/12)
  239. Maughan, W. Sommerset. On a Chinese Screen.
  240. Mason, Daniel. The Piano Tuner. (9/04)
  241. Max, Tucker. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.
  242. McCullough, David. John Adams. (10/09)
  243. McCullough, David. The Path Between the Seas. (07/09)
  244. McCullough, David. 1776 (audiobook).
  245. McDonald, Douglas. Virginia City and the Silver Region of the Comstock Lode. (10/12)
  246. McKenna, Patrick. The Sand Pebbles.
  247. McKinzie, Clinton. The Edge of Justice. (11/09)
  248. McKinzie, Clinton. Point of Law. (11/09)
  249. McKinzie, Clinton. Trial by Ice and Fire. (8/10)
  250. McMurtry, Larry. Cadillac Jack.
  251. McMurtry, Larry. Leaving Cheyenne.
  252. McMurtry, Larry. Lonesome Dove.
  253. McMurtry, Larry. Roads.
  254. McMurtry, Larry. Sin Killer.
  255. McMurtry, Larry. Terms of Endearment.
  256. McMurtry, Larry. The Last Picture Show.
  257. Meldahl, Keith Heyer. Rough-Hewn Land: A Geologic Journey from California to the Rocky Mountains. (12/12)
  258. Melville, Herman. Moby Dick.
  259. Meyer, G.J. A World Undone.
  260. Michener, James. The Bridges at Toko-Ri.
  261. Moreira, Peter. Hemingway on the China Front: His WWII Spy Mission with Martha Gellhorn.
  262. Morgan, Richard K. Altered Carbon. (6/13)
  263. Morley, James William. Japan’s Road to the Pacific War: The China Quagmire – Japan’s Expansion on the Asian Continent, 1933-1942. (6/12)
  264. Mortenson, Greg and David Oliver Relin. Three Cups of Tea.
  265. Mosley, Walter. Devil in a Blue Dress. (8/12)
  266. Mosley, Walter. A Red Death. (9/12)
  267. Murray, Jim. Jim Murray: The Last of the Best.
  268. Musashi, Miyamoto. The Book of Five Rings.
  269. Nafisi, Azar. Reading Lolita in Tehran. (12/10)
  270. Naipaul, V.S. Among the Believers.
  271. Naipaul, V.S. A Bend in the River. (3/10)
  272. Nasr, Vali. The Shia Revival. (6/11)
  273. Neresian, Arthur. Mesopotamia. (6/11)
  274. Nielsen, Karol. Black Elephants. (9/11)
  275. Nietzsche. The Portable Nietzsche.
  276. O’Brien, Dan. Buffalo for the Broken Heart.
  277. O’Brien, Tim. July, July.
  278. O’Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried.
  279. Obst, Lynda. Hello, He Lied.
  280. Olsen, Lynne. Citizens of London. (3/11)
  281. Orlean, Susan. The Orchid Thief.
  282. Pakula, Hannah. The Last Empress. (2/11)
  283. Palahniuk, Chuck. Fight Club. (6/11)
  284. Paolini, Christopher. Eragon.
  285. Paolini, Christopher. Eldest
  286. Paolini, Christopher. Brisingr
  287. Paolini, Christopher. Inheritance. (8/12)
  288. Parini, Jay. Steinbeck.
  289. Parker, Robert B. Brimstone. (10/10)
  290. Parker, Robert B. The Professional. (1/11)
  291. Parker, Robert B. Resolution. (10/09)
  292. Parshall, Jonathan and Anthony Tully. Shattered Sword. (2/11)
  293. Peers, William R. and Dean Brelis. Behind the Burma Road.
  294. Persico, Joseph E. 11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hours: Armistice Day, 1918.
  295. Platt, Stephen R. Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom. (4/12)
  296. Plimpton, George. Paper Lion. (11/09)
  297. Polk, William. Understanding Iran. (6/11)
  298. Powell, John B. My Twenty-five Years in China.
  299. Pressfield, Steven. The Gates of Fire.
  300. Pressfield, Steven. The Tides of War.
  301. Puzo, Mario. The Godfather. (2/13) audiobook
  302. Quinn, Mike. The Big Strike. (6/12)
  303. Rawicz, Slavomir. The Long Walk.
  304. Reding, Nick. The Last Cowboys at the End of the Earth.
  305. Reeves, Richard. Daring Young Men.
  306. Ridgeway, Rick. Below Another Sky.
  307. Richards, Keith. Life. (7/12)
  308. Riordan, Rick. The Lightning Thief.
  309. Riordan, Rick. The Sea of Monsters.
  310. Roberts, Ralph, with John Gallagher. Walk Like a Giant, Sell Like a Madman.
  311. Romanus, Charles F. and Riley Sunderland. The United States Army in World War II, China-Burma-India Theater: Stilwell’s Mission to China.
  312. Romanus, Charles F. and Riley Sunderland. The United States Army in World War II, China-Burma-India Theater: Stilwell’s Command Problem.
  313. Romanus, Charles F. and Riley Sunderland. The United States Army in World War II, China-Burma-India Theater: Time Runs Out in the CBI.
  314. Roper, Steve, Editor. Ordeal by Piton.
  315. Roper, Steve and Allen Steck and David Harris. Ascent.
  316. Ross, Lillian. Portrait of Hemingway.
  317. Rowan, Roy. Chasing the Dragon.
  318. Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis. (7/11)
  319. Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis 2. (7/11)
  320. Seagrave, Stering. The Soong Dynasty.
  321. Saint Exupery, Antoine de, Wind, Sand, and Stars.
  322. Salinger, J.D. Franny and Zooey.
  323. Salisbury, Harrison. The Long March.
  324. Salter, James. Solo Faces.
  325. Salter, James. The Hunters.
  326. Sanchez, Thomas. Mile Zero.
  327. Sassoon, Seigfried. Memoirs of an Infantry Officer.
  328. Sayre, Woodrow Wilson. Four Against Everest.
  329. Schlesinger, Arthur. Crisis of the Old Order. (4/11)
  330. Schliff, Stacy. Antoine de Saint Exupery.
  331. Scott, Robert L. God is My Copilot.
  332. Seagrave, Gordon S. Burma Surgeon. (3/08)
  333. Sedaris, David. Me Talk Pretty One Day. (12/06)
  334. See, Lisa. Shanghai Girls. (7/12)
  335. Selvin, David F. A Terrible Anger: The 1934 Waterfront and General Strikes in San Francisco. (9/12)
  336. Sergeant, Harriet. Shanghai.
  337. Sevareid, Eric. Not So Wild a Dream. (3/08)
  338. Shakespeare, William. Antony and Cleopatra.
  339. Shapiro, Elena Mauli. 9 Rue Therese, MSS.
  340. Sherry, Frank. Raiders and Rebels: History of the Golden Age of Piracy. (10/12)
  341. Shilling, Erik. Destiny: A Flying Tiger’s Date with Destiny.
  342. Shipton, Sir Eric. Tierra del Fuego: The Fatal Lodestone.
  343. Sides, Hampton. Blood and Thunder.
  344. Sides, Hampton. Ghost Soldiers. (early 09)
  345. Sims, Norman, editor. The Literary Journalists.
  346. Skipper, Roger Alan. The Baptism of Billy Bean.
  347. Sledge, E.B. With the Old Breed.
  348. Slim, Field Marshall Viscount William. Defeat into Victory, Battling Japan in Burma, 1942-1945.
  349. Sloan, Bill. Given Up for Dead.
  350. Slocum, Joshua. Sailing Alone Around the World. (5/10)
  351. Sockett, Fanny. The Help. (12/10)
  352. Spence, Jonathan D. God’s Chinese Son. (5/12)
  353. Spencer, Otha. Flying the Hump.
  354. Stanley, Tom. The Millionaire Mind.
  355. Stark, Freya. The Southern Gates of Arabia.
  356. Stark, Peter. At the Mercy of the River.
  357. Starks, Richard, and Miriam Murcutt. Lost in Tibet: The Untold Story of Five American Airmen, a Doomed Plane, and the Will to Survive.
  358. Starr, Kevin. Endangered Dreams: The Great Depression in California. (1/10)
  359. Stegner, Wallace. Angle of Repose. (4/10)
  360. Steinbeck, John. Cannery Row.
  361. Steinbeck, John. In Dubious Battle.
  362. Steinbeck, John. Journal of a Novel.
  363. Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men.
  364. Steinbeck, John. Winter of Discontent.
  365. Steinbeck, John. Tortilla Flat.
  366. Stephenson, Neal. Cryptonomicon. (5/13)
  367. Stone, Irving. Men to Match My Mountains. (5/10)
  368. Taleb, Nassim. Fooled by Randomness.
  369. The Old Testament.
  370. Thesiger, Wilfred. Arabian Sands.
  371. Thomas, Evan. Sea of Thunder.
  372. Thompson, Harry. This Thing of Darkness.
  373. Todhunter, Andrew. The Fall of the Phantom Lord.
  374. Trevanian. The Eiger Sanction.
  375. Trevanian. The Summer of Katya. (6/10)
  376. Tuchman, Barbara. A Distant Mirror.
  377. Tuchman, Barbara. Practicing History.
  378. Tuchman, Barbara. Stilwell and the American Experience in China: 1911-1945.
  379. Tuchman, Barbara. The Guns of August.
  380. Tuchman, Barbara. The Proud Tower.
  381. Twight, Mark. Kiss or Kill.
  382. Tyson-Li, Laura. Madame Chaing Kai-shek.
  383. Urban, Mark. Rifles.
  384. Updike, John, editor. The Best Short Stories of the 20th Century.
  385. Vowell, Sarah. Assassination Vacation. (5/10)
  386. Webster, Donovan. The Burma Road.
  387. West, Nathanial. The Day of the Locust.
  388. White, Edwin Lee. Ten Thousand Tons by Christmas. (1/10)
  389. White, Theodore, and Annabel Lee. Thunder out of China.
  390. White Theodore. In Search of History.
  391. Winchester, Simon. Atlantic. (11/11)
  392. Winchester, Simon. Krakatoa. (9/11)
  393. Winchester, Simon. The Crack at the Edge of the World.
  394. Winchester, Simon. The River at the Center of the World.
  395. Winchester, Simon. The Professor and the Madman.
  396. Wings Over Asia, Vol I though IV, The China National Aviation Corporation Association.
  397. Wolff, Tobias. The Night in Question.
  398. Woolf, Virginia. Mrs. Dalloway.
  399. Zuckoff, Mitchell. Frozen in Time. (4/13)
  400. Zweig, Paul. The Adventurer.


  1. I kept trying to get two book suggestions out to you the other night….

    1. Vernor Vinge, Deepness in the Sky, which really taught me about pacing… not to mention Sherkaner Underhill.

    2. Peter Hamilton, Pandora’s Star – it’s three books when all said and done, but a world unto itself.

  2. You know, if you want to do better than 33 books a year (a number which, I’m sure, far exceeds the number of books most people read in a year) you could give up climbing and surfing in order to make more time for reading… ;-)

    1. Most of my climbing has gone by the wayside, but I think I’ll sacrifice a few books to keep surfing.

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