A seriously tattered and well-loved copy of Enduring Patagonia

I often say that writing is the worst way to make a living ever invented, except when it’s the best, and I got a note recently that lands squarely in the “best” category. Out of the blue, an Army captain wrote to tell me that Enduring Patagonia “got him through West Point,” that he re-reads his copy of the book regularly, has all of his favorite “quotes and passages dog-earned and highlighted,” and that it’ll “probably always be” his favorite book.

I called bullshit, but he sent the proof.

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If there are other equally well loved copies out there, I’d love to add their photos to this post. ;-)



  1. I am so lucky to randomly find an unread copy in the book shelf at little river inn in Mendocino. We flew up here today in 72 degree weather, hiked 5 miles thru Pygmy forest to get to the in. To find this book. I thought I’d read every mountaineering book but voila here was an awes done. Hf way thru it I had to look up Greg to find out he is most a local
    And we just booked a weekend at sea ranch since they have an airstrip. Would love to get a book signed and have coffee and listen to stories. We do mile adventures- cep wrest base camp, Kilimanjaro Mach picchu and Shasta and Whitney yearly. My dad and his brother went to USNA and uncle was
    Vice commandant when I was in high school so WP stories resonate. What do to do for an encore?

    1. Sweet find, Pat! Nice to hear there’s one hiding in Mendocino. I’ll be delighted to sign a copy for you if you’re ever in the Bay Area. Or if you want to arrange to mail one to me. (gregorycrouch@sbcglobal.net) Neat about the USNA connection. I’d say “Beat Navy,” but we’re embarrassingly out of the habit of that, aren’t we? Nice to hear that you’re enjoying EP so much. Cheers, Greg

  2. Well I guess I finally need to bite the bullet and buy the book, I’ve had it on the to do list for a couple years. I’m excited to read it.

  3. It’s wonderful that your writing helped a person get through a trying time. There was a song that got me through some tough times during the Vietnam era. I got in touch with the singer about 10 years ago and told her how much the song meant to me, and we have stayed in touch ever since. So I know first hand that an artist’s work can give strength to people. Congratulations and thank you!

      1. I was introduced to ‘Enduring Patagonia’ by my mate Erik. Think he said he bought his copy after meeting you on a ski lift, can’t remember where. Shows the benefit of promoting your work in person!

  4. This is first on my list of Desert Island books.
    Unfortunately I take too much care of my books to show a weathered, beaten copy; obviously I’ve never taken it to Patagonia!
    But I’ve read the paperback so many times (and bought a first edition, which in years to come I will sell for thousands and thereby feather my old age) and each time I chance to pick it up I’m locked in for an hour.

    The first paragraph that stuck in me, years ago, was about being judged by your peers and not found wanting; I’ve never been great at anything, that peer respect was always my goal.

    There are countless lines re the honesty of the effort, not to forget the wonderful descriptions; this is a great book!!

    1. Thanks, Paul! But don’t forget to add a great poetry anthology to your desert island collection–classic poetry can stand thousands of re-readings. ;-)

      (BTW, if I haven’t already, send that thing out here and I’ll sign it for you if you’d like: 2865 Emerald Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94597.)

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