So this guy, he buys an old lamp at a garage sale…

…and he brings it home and goes to polish it up, and out pops this genie.

And wow, she is amazing, utterly gorgeous, curvaceous, wearing nothing but a smile and a few scraps of strategically placed silk, and she pokes out a hip and says, in an sultry, seductive voice, “Master, I’ll do anything you want that you can say in three words or less.”

Well, this guy’s smart enough to keep his mouth shut because he knows this is a good thing and doesn’t want to blow it and end up with some stupid wish granted, so he sits there thinking about it for a while, pondering, and then, after a few minutes, this immense smile lights up his face…

And he holds up his fist and puts out his fingers, one-two-three, as he says, beaming,

“Paint. My. House.”

2013-07-06 12.41.01


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