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Alpinismo Roots, one of my Facebook connections (which celebrates the roots of Argentine alpinism), linked to this video this morning, made by Michel Bordet and David Autheman of their climb, All You Need is Love, on the West Face of Piergorgio in Patagonia in November of 1999. I’m surprised it hasn’t pinged my radar before, since Jim Donini and I were there at the same time, making the first ascent of A Fine Piece on the West Pillar of Cerro Pollone, right next door. (Here’s my story of that climb, surely the longest website post I’ve ever made, with lots of photos; and based on the number of “likes” it received, my most successful, too.)

I recall some fine times with Michel and David that season, they struck me as good fellows, although we didn’t have much language in common, unfortunately. Their vid doesn’t have the highest production values in the history of mountaineering, but there are some pretty fine scenics (especially near the end), oceans of fine granite, and the wind really howls in a few places.

Alpinismo Roots is a good FB page, if you’re into that sort of thing, I suggest “liking” it.


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