More on the Iranian election

Following up on yesterday’s post about the Iranian election.

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1. An AP summary of the electoral process in Iran.

2. AP report on the election, which looks it was possibly won outright by Hasan Rowhani. (If any candidate wins a clear majority in the first round of balloting, it obviates the need for a runoff between the top two, which would have been held next week.)

3. The BBC report on the election. Plus, 12 BBC photos of the election.

4. @Zealous_Iranian, @IranNewsNow, @khasayarsha, @thomaserdbrink, @persiankiwi, @tehranbureau are interesting sources of Iran news on Twitter.

5. The Christian Science Monitor labels Rowhani a “reformist,” and although he’s certainly considered the most reform-minded of the candidates and the election result strikes me as likely reflecting the Iranian people’s strong desire for change, let’s see what he actually does before we jump to large conclusions. He’ll be operating under lots of constraints.

6. Ah the problems of transliteration… none of the news sources can agree on how to spell Rowhani’s name: Rouhauni, Rowhani, Rohani…

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I’d bet money she voted for Rowhani

Rope Diplomacy: On the Steeps in Iran about my experiences in Iran in the summer of 2011


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