Gorgeous retouch of an old Moon Chin photo

China's WingsAnother fabulous China’s Wings inspired event just happened.

So this guy named Jeff Schader, who I don’t know, sees a China’s Wings post on my friend Jerry Heneghan’s Facebook page. (Jerry and I were company mates at West Point in the I-3 Polar Bears: Go Polar Bears.) Jeff Schader’s a photographically inclined guy. Here’s his website, with quite a number of fine images: My Life Through the Lens.

Anyway, Jeff visits this website, stumbles across the wonderful 1941 photo of Moon Chin on the China’s Wings page, and gets inspired to touch up the image. Quoting him from a FB post, “So I cleaned it up, got rid of the noise, dust, particles and properly blurred the background and fix the faded tone.”

Here’s the result. Isn’t it gorgeous?

0028-Moon-Fun-Chin copy

Thanks, Jeff!

Here’s the original he was working from.


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