China’s Wings review in the Michigan War Studies Review

MiWSR copy

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Bob Bergin wrote an excellent and detailed summary and review of China’s Wings for the 2013 issue of The Michigan War Studies Review.

Here’s an excerpt: “Crouch tells the history of the China National Aviation Corporation exceptionally well, shedding much light on a very turbulent time in China. His writing is clear and vivid, particularly when he recounts the unbelievable exploits of CNAC pilots, bold, colorful personalities—among them the unforgettable Chinese-American Moon Fun Chin. China’s Wings will both inform specialists and captivate casual readers.”

The same issue also reviews Stephen Platt’s superb Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom about the Taiping Civil War that gutted China in the 1850s and 1860s. I wrote about Platt’s book a year ago, in my Taiping Dyptych post. I highly recommend the book.

The Michigan War Studies Review is an excellent resource for readers of history.


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