DC-2 & DC-3 flying in formation

I’m loving this picture of a DC-2 and a DC-3 flying in formation–the two airplane heroes of China’s Wings–which comes courtesy of Liz Matzelle.

CNAC 100 flying 2013The DC-3, on top, wearing Pan Am colors, was recently restored by the Historic Flight Foundation, and it’s an airplane that once flew for the China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC)–as CNAC No. 100.

Last December, I posted a bunch of photos of the gorgeous restoration of this airplane, and a month later, I posted a picture of this exact airplane standing on its nose after a rough landing at the Dinjan airfield in 1944. (It was back in the air the next day.)

China's WingsPete Goutiere ferried this same airplane–CNAC No. 100–from Miami to Calcutta at the end of his home leave in 1944, and he was just telling me about it at the CNAC reunion this past Friday. How great is that?

I think the DC-2 (the lower airplane, in TWA livery), is the last airworthy DC-2 in the world.

[EDIT, 9/18/2015: As Robert tells us in the comment thread below, there is another airworthy DC-2 in the Netherlands….Thx!]

And here’s Pete, telling me the story last Friday…

Pete Goutiere holding court
Pete Goutiere

China's Wings



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