CNAC trip to Seattle — Museum of Flight and Historic Flight Foundation

China's WingsHere’s a run of photos from my recent trip to Seattle, and the China’s Wings presentations I made at Seattle’s Museum of Flight and the nearby Historic Flight Foundation. At both events, I was honored to appear alongside CNAC pilot Moon Chin and Nancy Allison Wright, daughter of CNAC Operations Manager Ernie Allison, and delighted to have been able to take my son Ryan along for the weekend.

Thanks to everybody at the Museum of Flight and the Historic Flight Foundation who helped make it happen.

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5 Responses to CNAC trip to Seattle — Museum of Flight and Historic Flight Foundation

  1. Doug Miller says:

    Greg: Looks like a great trip – Ryan looks pretty happy at the controls – now you know what to get him for his next birthday! Moon Chin is one amazing man!

  2. Jerry Butsko says:

    A great event at the MofF! Wish we could do a similar one at SDASM! Good to see Moon doing so well Sorry we missed Sunday’s event at Paine Field; assumed the weather had scrubbed it!

    • Gregory says:

      Thanks, Jerry. I was disappointed we didn’t get to do more than nod at each other. And I think it takes more than a minor rain squall to deter John Sessions, the fellow that runs the HFF!

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