The grave of William and Kitsi Bond

I get a huge buzz when something I’ve written inspires someone to actually do something. Not just “like” it, but to do something, to take action.

Lately, I’ve been corresponding with Steve Marshall, who stumbled onto a copy of China’s Wings in a library a week ago Monday, read it cover-to-cover over the course of the next two and a half days, and was so inspired by the story of William and Kitsi Bond that yesterday afternoon, he decided to pay his respects in person…

Bond grave site Dec 17 2013 003

The mortal remains of William Langhorne Bond and Katharine Dunlop Bond are in the cemetery in Warrenton, Virginia. Theirs is an incredible love story lived against some of the strongest headwinds of the 20th Century and they’re resting for eternity exactly where they should be–right next to each other.

Thanks to Steve Marshall making the effort to visit them and for forwarding the photo.

China's Wings

UPDATE: As he said he would, Steve went back today and took the Bonds a Christmas wreath:

Bond grave sit December 2013 001



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