BASE jumping tragedy

Regular readers of this site will remember that two months ago I posted a review of Steph Davis’s remarkable book, Learning to Fly. In it, amidst a description of the wild concatenation of adventures that rock Steph’s life during the book, I mentioned that she fell in love.

It breaks my heart to write it, but Steph has lost that love. Her husband, legendary skydiver and BASE jumper Mario Richard, died last weekend in a BASE jumping accident in Italy. I never had the opportunity to meet Mario, but Steph paints a wonderful and sensitive portrait of him in her book. He’s memorialized in a John Branch article that’s in today’s New York Times: “Mario Richard, BASE jumper and Sky Diver, Dies at 47.

My thoughts and condolences go out to Mario’s family and friends, and especially to Steph.

Mario  copy



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