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2013 CNAC reunion party at Moon Chin’s house

Photos from the 2013 CNAC Association party at Moon Chin’s house Continue reading

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The “old” Bay Bridge’s last day

I’ve always been partial to the Bay Bridge, a working man’s bridge, the red-headed stepchild of the Bay Area compared to its glamorous twin Continue reading

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Photos of Esfahan, Iran

Most taken in the Friday Mosque, one of my favorite public buildings I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Esfahan, Iran Continue reading

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What are those huge concrete arrows pointing the way across America?

Do those things really exist? What are they doing out there, and what purpose do they serve? Turns out that they do, and they were once crucial to the U.S. Airmail Service. Continue reading

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Right Mate, Let’s Get On With It still ticking along

I think it might be the best piece of adventure writing I’ve ever done. Continue reading

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Musical arrow to the heart courtesy of Rachel Price and Lake Street Dive

I get that I’m the most spectacularly unhip person on earth, so everybody else has probably been turned into this for years, if not decades, but Mother of God, what a phenomenal voice… Continue reading

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Random Friday Linkage

Random Friday Linkage: Carly Rae Jepson, Paul Bogard, car chases, Bo Xilai, bad human beings, Louisiana sinkholes, two funny foreign commercials, and most importantly, why Robert Plant won’t reform Led Zeppelin Continue reading

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Stephan Siegrist did Cerro Torre’s West Face in winter, AGAIN!

I’m thrilled to see the news that Stephan Siegrist has done it AGAIN–made ANOTHER ascent of the West Face of Cerro Torre. Congratulations, Stephan! Links & photos. Continue reading

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BASE jumping tragedy

Regular readers of this site will remember that two months ago I posted a review of Steph Davis’s remarkable book, Learning to Fly. In it, amidst a description of the wild concatenation of adventures that rock Steph’s life during the … Continue reading

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Fleeing Shanghai, August 1937: the final disintegration

Harold Bixby’s last ditch efforts to save the CNAC partnership, August 1937. His wranglings with CNAC’s Chinese leadership and with United States neutrality legislation. Continue reading

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