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Learning To Fly by Steph Davis, reviewed by Gregory Crouch

Davis brings it all off with just the right touches of humility, too, because really, she’s phenomenally good at what she does. She barely has a foot in the same universe as the rest of us. Books are hard to end well, and Steph leaves us with a gorgeous fly-off, wrapping her story of loss and redemption, freedom, love, action, passion, and responsibility into a spectacular leap into a world “vast with possibility” from near the top of the Eiger. Continue reading

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Photos of Iran — adventures on Alam Kuh

Photos from our adventures in the Alam Kuh massif in the Alborz Mountains northwest of Tehran Continue reading

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Positive sign in the nuclear standoff with Iran?

The AP reports the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov as saying that Iran is ready to stop its twenty-percent enrichment of uranium. However, Lavrov was vague about his sources and what his claim goes against what President-elect Rowhani said shortly after … Continue reading

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Iran – what happens next?

According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States and the European Union plan to press Iran on the nuclear issue in the wake of Hassan Rohani’s election to the Iranian Presidency. Here’s a WSJ article describing Rohani as a … Continue reading

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The Iran elections – the morning after

Lots of purple in the streets of Tehran last night. News sources are reporting major celebrations in Iran in response to Hassan Rouhani’s decisive victory in the Presidential elections. 1. From a Reuter’s report: “This victory is a victory of … Continue reading

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More on the Iranian election

Following up on yesterday’s post about the Iranian election. 1. An AP summary of the electoral process in Iran. 2. AP report on the election, which looks it was possibly won outright by Hasan Rowhani. (If any candidate wins a … Continue reading

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The Iranian Election

Having visited Iran twice, in 1999 and 2011, I’m particularly interested in news from the country. Here’s the BBC story on the election being held today in Iran. Going to be very interesting to see what comes of it. I … Continue reading

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Gorgeous hi-res geologic map of Yosemite’s El Capitan

Here’s an interesting article about the gorgeous geologic map of Yosemite’s El Capitan produced by Roger Putnam, a veteran Yosemite climber and master’s candidate at the University of North Carolina.

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GEO Magazine covers the Hump — CNAC, ATC, Moon Chin, Joe Rosbert, and No. 58’s crash

The June issue of GEO magazine has my article about the Hump Airlift on its cover — a great platform from which to stump for China’s Wings and laud the pioneering efforts of William Langhorne Bond and the China National Aviation Corporation. Continue reading

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Video of Shaken, Not Stirred

Eddie Phay posted a 22 minute climber’s-eye video of an ascent of Shaken, Not Stirred on Vimeo. Crazy cool to watch their ascent and have it feel so familiar. Watching it, I felt like I knew exactly where the next … Continue reading

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