Old photograph fever sweeps China

“Old photograph fever” is currently sweeping China as people try and recapture a visual sense of their own history.

Apparently, the Communist party frowned on China’s history as “black time,” particularly during the Cultural Revolution, and its scourging of past associations caused most Chinese to purge their family photographs. Official historical archives were also destroyed, along with their photos. As a consequence, there are almost no photographs of China — in China — prior to 1970.

A website comment this morning brought this BBC link about the story to my attention. It’s worthy of its own post. The accompanying slide show is absolutely gorgeous.

For any old-photos-of-China enthusiasts who’ve stumbled across my website, I’ve established a “photos of old China” category.

Hope you like what you find. Please do post comments if you discover any personal connections to any of the photos I’ve posted.

I’ve also posted China images on my China’s Wings Pinterest board and in a photo album on my China’s Wings Facebook page.

I’d be thrilled if China’s Wings could catch a draft from China’s new passion for its fascinating past.

CNAC Forever!


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