Foster McEdward and China’s Wings

CNAC pilot Foster McEdward

Foster McEdward flew DC-3s, DC-4s, and C-46s over the Hump with the Army Air Corps from June, 1943 to January, 1945, flew with CNAC from mid-1946 to 1948, and with CATC in 1948 and ’49. He lives in Middlebury, Vermont, he’s currently 90-years old, and his daughter, Pennie McEdward-Rand, hooked him up with a copy of China’s Wings. Her recent email said that her father, “thoroughly enjoyed” the book, and that he “could recall all the names and places you mentioned in the book.  It was a treat for him to read this at the end of his life.  He said that of all the books written about the airlift, yours is by far the most well documented and most interesting.”

That’s high praise indeed, and I’m grateful to Pennie for sending along the good news. She also included these two excellent photos of Foster at his home in Vermont. One of his friends made the painting more than 20 years ago.

Foster with his granddaughter, Annavitte


  1. I also flew as Mac’s co-pilot in 1977. We flew as far as Central America from NH. I remember meeting him on the ramp at Nashua and enquiring about a job. He asked if I had any International experience. I replyed ” no, but I would love to learn!” He smiled and hired me on the spot. I’ m an A330 Captain now flying Hawaiians International routes. I’ll always appreciate the start he gave me. Thanks Mac!
    I also have a few pics if anyone is interested, including one of some soldiers surrounding N8009 in Leon, Mexico! You can imagine the scrutiny an all silver DC-3 would attract flying around Central America and Mexico

    1. John! That’s marvelous! If you’re willing to email your pictures over, I’ll post ’em with links to this and the various CNAC No. 100 posts. I’m sure all the HFF people would LOVE to see them. Thanks for chiming in. Greg (

  2. I was Mac’s copilot on N8009 for about 3 years. I have many photos of the aircraft when it was in Johnson & Johnson configuration, with the stretched nose and the color radar. A wonderful aircraft.

    Mac lives near me in Middlebury, Vermont, and we get together on occasion. Time for another visit after this refresher trip down memory lane.

    1. Jim! What a fabulous encounter. Thanks for checking in. Have you followed along with all that airplane has been doing in recent years? Two years ago, Pete Goutiere of CNAC helped fly the plane from Seattle to SFO for the annual CNAC reunion. He ferried that airplane from Florida to India in 1944, and they flew it over the Hump on many occasions. How about taking a picture with Mac the next time you get together? I KNOW that Liz Matzelle at the Historic Flight Foundation would love to see it. (And I would too.) And then perhaps you’d let me post it here? Blue skies! Greg

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